Hygiene | Four tips to clean your ZUMMO juicer

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At ZUMMO, as well as offering you a wide range of quality juicers, we are committed to hygiene.

For this reason, and to make your life easier by dedicating your working time to the development of your business, all our automatic juicers have Easy Clean functionality.

Through ZUMMO’s Easy Clean we ensure that our juicers minimise the generation of waste during squeezing, which means

– That the automatic juicer is easier to clean.

– That the squeezing process is more efficient.

– That less time is spent on maintenance tasks.


Auto Cleaning System | Improved hygiene in ZUMMO juicers

In order to make our automatic juicers as easy to use as possible, we have developed Auto Cleaning Filter, an automatic cleaning filter system included as standard in the Z06, Z14 and Z40 models of the Nature range.


The Auto Cleaning System improves the performance of the juicer with the automatic filter.

Among its components we find a polyurethane band that starts moving when the squeezer is activated, and this band sweeps the remaining seeds and pulp from the squeezer and deposits them in the bark containers.

Our different automatic cleaning systems integrated in the automatic juicers enhance the Zummo experience and offer you:

  • More autonomy to be able to dedicate time to other tasks You won’t have to worry about cleaning the filter of your juicer until the end of the day.
  • More satisfied customers because with this technology the path of the squeezed juice to the glass is reduced, as there are no traces of pulp to obstruct it. The juice reaches the glass with the most natural and pure taste possible.
  • Greater profitability because as the automatic filter is always clean and without accumulated pulp, not a drop of juice is wasted.


Four tips to clean your juicer easily and safely

With Auto Cleaning System, among other recent innovations, the continuous maintenance of the juicers is much more agile and easy to carry out, without forgetting that the design and arrangement of the parts makes it very easy to remove them for more thorough cleaning.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. With the machine stopped, press the off button.
  2. Remove and clean all the parts with water and liquid detergent. You can wash them by hand or in the dishwasher (except the front cover).
  3. Disinfect the parts with a product suitable for food use.
  4. Assemble the pieces in the juicer.

On Zummo’s YouTube channel you have different videos to follow these steps without any problems.

In these new videos of Z14 and Z40 their different clips you have the basic notions to be able to handle your juicer without problems: assembly, disassembly, cleaning and change of kits.


Learn how to use your Zummo automatic juicer with our tutorials

In Zummo’s “Downloads” web section and in the private area for customers, you can also access various specific tutorials and clips on the operation, cleaning or dismantling of each juicer model.

In this way you can see how easy it is to keep your automatic juicer in the best conditions, thanks to its design and functionalities:


Z1 Nature 

Designed to become the most efficient and profitable solution for premises with limited space.

In this video tutorial you can see the different phases of using the Z1 Nature.

Z06 Nature

It squeezes all kinds of citrus fruits, as well as pomegranates. The best option for those who are looking for great flexibility in their offer.

And here we show you different guidelines for its maintenance.


Z14 Nature Self Service Cabinet Slim 

With the Retail Z14 range, any type of shop will be able to have freshly squeezed juice in their offer of natural and healthy products, without needing large spaces or investments.

You will see that its design is totally adapted so that disassembly and adjustment is very easy.


Z40 Nature adapt Cabinet Plus G 

It is the perfect squeezer to meet the needs of collective catering and large surfaces. Its capacity to squeeze a large quantity of juice in a short time – up to 40 fruits per minute! -allows it to meet the high demand typical of this type of establishment.


Keeping your Zummo automatic juicer in the best conditions and ensuring hygiene in the juicing process is very simple because our mission is to innovate so that its design and operation is as simple as possible and you can give priority to other aspects of your business.