Health Bar: Healthy trends conquer the hostelry

tendencias hosteleria saludable zumo

Until not long ago, the idea of a healthy meal was limited to salads and traditional slimming foods, such as grilled meats and fish.

Therefore, a menu made up of “healthy” dishes was rather poor and limited.

But thanks to the new trends in nutrition, the appearance of super foods (foods with multiple beneficial properties for health) and the tendency to satisfy an increasingly demanding client with the traceability and origin of what they consume, varied, rich, tasty and natural healthy food is now a reality.

This is a response to a change in the lifestyle of much of our society. The commitment to ecology, the return to nature, the concern for the environment, are the basis of a belief that is based on sustainability and responsibility to ourselves and the planet.

In addition, today, more than ever, we are aware that the foods we eat have a direct impact on our health. And that a healthy diet is proven to prevent disease and strengthen our defences.

Healthy food is no longer an option, but a fundamental part of a way of seeing life that prioritizes the benefits of food for the body, its origin and impact on the environment, without forgetting taste and quality.

This trend, which is already more than established in food distribution, was only a matter of time before it reached the hotel and catering industry.

What are the ingredients and dishes of a healthy meal?

One of the stars of healthy eating is natural juices squeezed in the moment. Thanks to their very high fibre and vitamin content, the sale of natural juices has experienced substantial growth. Natural juices have replaced soft drinks as an accompaniment to lunch, are excellent mid-morning healthy snacks and have become the perfect complement to wholemeal toast at breakfast.

Local organic products, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are used to make succulent and complete salads, are also a fundamental part of a healthy meal.

Whole foods, natural, rich in fiber and free of fat and chemical components, are another of the pillars of a menu with healthy snacks such as legume toasts, vegetable creams for spreading or homemade pastries.

And finally, it is also important to emphasize the importance of offering alternatives with options for vegans and intolerants.

With Zummo it is easy to offer freshly squeezed natural juices in your restaurant or shop.

Join the trend that has more followers every day and include among your products the sale of natural juices: a fresh product, to the liking of young and old and an essential part of any healthy meal.