3 delicious pomegranate recipes

The pomegranate is a fruit with great antioxidant power, so it is highly recommended to include it in our daily diet.

Its main season is autumn and it is now when we can see all the fruit shops and markets full of this rich, sweet and healthy delicacy. That’s why today we have 3 lip-smacking recipes with pomegranate.

Pomegranate consumption in autumn

When we talk in other occasions about a responsible eating, we always emphasize how important it is to introduce seasonal vegetables and fruits in our diet.

Autumn is the time for orange, mandarin, banana and chestnuts among others, but without doubt, the pomegranate reigns in autumn, so it is the perfect time to go to the market and include them in our shopping basket. They are at their best, with their sweetest flavour and most pleasant texture.

How to introduce pomegranate in our diet

One of the key factors for a varied, healthy and tasty diet is to know how we can integrate certain foods to which we are not habituated in our daily diet.

With the pomegranate, it often happens that many do not know how to use it or how to integrate it, and the truth is that it has many possibilities. We can thresh it and eat it as a dessert or add its seeds to give colour and flavour to our gourmet salads.

One of the simplest and most convenient ways to enjoy it is as a juice. You can add pomegranate juice to any freshly squeezed juice getting a fresh and healthy drink full of antioxidants, very necessary for our body.

3 gourmet recipes with pomegranate

Green sprout salad with pomegranate

Get a good base of green sprouts, can be a mixture of romaine lettuce, lamb’s lettuce and spinach. Add diced fresh cheese, a can of tuna and slices of boiled egg. Peel a whole pomegranate and pour over the salad. Prepare a vinaigrette and dress.

Pomegranate and orange juice

We know that squeezing oranges is a simple task with any juicer, but if you want to add pomegranate juice, you’ll need to have a more powerful machine. Our Z06 Nature model is Zummo’s most flexible juicer allowing you to squeeze all kinds of citrus and pomegranates without having to thresh the fruit.

Yogurt, orange and pomegranate bowl

Pour a yogurt into a bowl, add peeled orange slices for a sweeter flavor. Peel a pomegranate and pour over it. You’ll get a delicious, healthy dessert instantly.

If you have a business that offers natural juices contact us and we will inform you about the most efficient and profitable squeezer for you.