White Oranges, the best oranges for juice

Oranges groups:

There are many varieties of orange, each variety has its characteristics but all of them are grouped into 3 groups:

  • The first group is the “Navel”, some oranges from this group are the navelina, the navelate, the navel powell, the navel lane late or the navel foyos.
  • The second group, which we will talk about today, is the group of White oranges or also known as Valencias.
  • The third group belongs to the oranges of the sanguinas group, the sanguinelli.

The best oranges to make juice

Of these 3 groups, the best oranges to make juice are the ones from the second group, the White oranges. This is mainly due to the fact that oranges from the “Blancas” or “Valencias” group are oranges that lack a navel in their fruits, have lower acidity than navels and do not have a bitter taste in their juice. Within this group, Salustiana, Barberina and Valencia late oranges stand out.

Salustiana orange is the fruit of a tree that is sensitive to cold and temperature changes. It is a round orange, with a thin peel, seedless and thin skin. Among its qualities a sweet juice and low acidity stand out.

The Orange Barberina grows on a very healthy looking tree. The orange is large, round and seedless. This type of orange is very tasty and contains a perfect balance between its natural sugars and acidity levels. In addition, a large amount of juice can be extracted from each orange.

The Valencia Orange late is originally from Portugal and grows on a vigorous-looking tree. The bark of this type of orange is very orange and rough. They are large fruits, round, with few seeds and a pulp that gives an excellent quality juice.

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