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Zummo. Máquina multifrutas.

Zummo was founded in Valencia in 1992 to offer the best fruit squeezing system on the market.

Its unique squeezing system, the “Efficient Vertical System”, is its distinguishing factor. This technique consists of a vertical squeezing system that guarantees that the juice runs through the smallest possible space in the squeezing process, without coming into contact with the peel. With this technique, the distance between the orange and the glass is only a few centimetres. It is the most agile and clean system.

At Zummo, offering the best service to distributors, stores, and consumers, is the most important thing. In fact, the values that characterise Zummo are quality, customer orientation, respect, honesty, integrity, and transparency. Without forgetting the care and guidance to the worker to create a happy working environment, promoting personal development, teamwork, motivation, and talent.

As of today, Zummo has managed to position itself as a world reference in the design and manufacture of automatic fruit squeezing machines in more than 100 countries. Zummo’s headquarters, currently in Moncada (Valencia), will move to La Eliana (Valencia) at the end of 2020. The new Zummo will be an intelligent building with 2910 m2 of office space on three floors and 8,010 m2 of warehouse and factory space, which will house up to eight production lines.

Zummo has 3 product lines: food service & retail, vending and kiosk.

The food service & retail range is designed for the hotel and catering industry and supermarkets. Thanks to its wide range of squeezers, the models can be adapted to both small spaces and large stores.

The vending line is the solution for dispensing natural and fresh juice. Designed to be installed in small and large areas such as offices, gyms, shops, stations, hospitals, and airports.

Finally, Zummo kiosk is a mobile sales point. It is ideal for both public and private spaces, such as beaches, concerts, festivals, fairs or campsites.

16-20 February

EuroShop 2020

See you at EuroShop 2020, the world’s largest trade fair for retail investment requirements in Messe Dusseldorf on February 16-20 2020.