6 tips for choosing the right professional juicer for your business

More and more people are following a healthy lifestyle today. So, it is vital for all food establishments to have tasty and original healthy offerings, with natural juices a must and professional juicers playing an essential role.

As consumption trends evolve, we are facing a generation of demanding customers who demand healthy and premium products, even out of the home. This development can be observed in supermarkets, greengrocers, and convenience stores, where a growing supply of freshly squeezed juices can be found. Offering natural juices is essential, but they must be of the highest quality and as profitable as possible. This means the right choice of professional juicer is key. So, what factors should be considered when selecting the ideal juicer for your business?

Space is everything. A key point to consider is the space available in the establishment: do you have a large area or a small corner of a bar? Zummo has designed and manufactured professional juicers since 1992 and can offer every possible solution, from the most compact juicer, like the Z1 Nature, to the largest, like the Z40 Nature Adapt.

Matters of quantity. It is advisable to be realistic and objective when considering which juices will be offered on a daily basis. Each juicer model is designed to maximise profitability and functionality based on certain parameters, one of which is the quantity and continuity of juices to be squeezed. For instance: for moderate demand, the Z1 Nature squeezes 6.5 fruits per minute; for medium demand, the Z06 Nature and Z14 Nature squeeze 10 and 16 fruits per minute respectively; and for high demand, the Z40 Nature Adapt squeezes 40 oranges per minute.

The appeal of variety. While orange juice is the classic option, other citrus fruits can also be squeezed. Original flavours might make the difference for your business. Zummo offers solutions to squeeze all kinds of citrus and pomegranate.

If it’s good and easy, it’s twice as good. For those operating the machine, it is fundamental to have a simple and intuitive operation. Likewise, maintenance and cleaning should be simple. Minimal maintenance time, like that required by Zummo machines, translates into maximum profitability.

Trust comes first. Your juicer must be reliable and efficient, so having brand support is a determining factor. Zummo offers 360º solutions, accompanying and advising clients before and after the product purchasing process.

Taste is key. Zummo juicers have an outstanding squeezing system. The Efficient Vertical System (EVS) is an exclusive method developed by the company whereby the juice never comes into contact with the fruit’s skin. This ensures that the juice maintains the purest and most natural flavour possible.

Considering all of these aspects when making your decision will guarantee the best results. Zummo juicers offer a multitude of possibilities and configurations.

All details can be found at www.zummocorp.com or zummo@zummo.es


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