Natural orange juice every day

The autumn comes full of new purposes. For many people, the year starts now, after the end of vacation and when school begins. A summer period of enjoyment, hangouts with friends is almost over, now it’s time to organize and plan our new course.

The return to routine implies returning to good habits: going to the gym, planning daily menus, good daily time management. We also add new purposes and we need to be full of energy if we want to achieve them.


The vitamin of the fruit gives us energy for the whole day

We all know the importance of taking several pieces of fruit a day, but it is not worth a binge one day a week, we must be consistent and establish healthy habits of daily fruit consumption.

In the morning, when we get up, it’s time for breakfast so we can start our daily work. Drinking fruit is very beneficial for the body especially because you take it after the nighttime when your body has been resting and without receiving any food.

Fruits will give you energy almost immediately, besides you can complete breakfast with lactic products and proteins to have a perfect start.


Seasonal fruit as a healthy and environmentally friendly trend

The ideal is to take advantage of the seasonal fruits since consuming them means a solidary, sustainable consumption and we will also find them cheaper and with better flavor than other fruits that are not seasonal.

Melon, peach, pear or apple are some of the most appetizing and sweet fruits you can find in the month of September. And what we like most is that citrus and pomegranates now arrive. Our star fruits can already be found with great quality and flavor. The perfect season to consume them starts now.


Orange juice provides real benefits

Nutrition experts agree that making a healthy breakfast with a glass of orange juice can reduce the risk of obesity because the sugar that contains a freshly squeezed orange juice is natural sugar that nothing to do with added sugars and thus it is not harmful.

Besides, these experts remind us that a glass of orange juice a day provides us with 50% of the vitamin C we need daily and with other important nutrients. Orange juice is an antioxidant, it helps us release energy during the day and reduces fatigue and tiredness.

Seeing this data, we can think of freshly squeezed orange juice as great ally for our well-being, especially now that we need to be with well-charged batteries for the return to work. In addition, today it is very simple, almost all supermarkets have juicer machines so that the customer could make their own natural juice instantly.

If you have a food store or manage a hospitality establishment, don’t think it twice. Contact us and install a juicer machine to offer your customers the purest orange flavor.

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