Vitamins for the start of the new course

On the return of vacation and return to our work obligations it is possible to suffer the well-known post-vacation syndrome.

It affects the little ones, and it is that, after almost three months of vacation, with uncontrolled schedules and meals, returning to routine when the return to school arrives, can be more expensive.

5 tips for a round-to-school trip of 10

For an adaptation to school without too many headaches, experts recommend, first and foremost, patience with the little ones of the house. The following tips are also useful for adults to have a pleasant return to work.

Get back to the routine as soon as possible: Ideally to be back home a week before the start of the course to give us time to re-adapt to our environment. Being in our home leads us inadvertently to resume our own habits. This makes it easier for children to return to their usual schedule and customs so that when school starts, they will already have a few steps.

Get back to order: Surely, in the summer, we’ve been more forveing with compliance. Now, in view of the beginning of school, it is time to re-influence the compliance of the house. In this way we will prevent the children from noticing all the changes in stroke and, when they get to school, they will be more accustomed to the patterns of behavior in school.

Book moments for fun: We shouldn’t forget that going back to the routine is a somewhat expensive process for them, so we should keep some moments of fun and leisure. You need to work a little hard and choose some time of day to do fun things with them.

Avoidover exposure to digital devices: When tablet or mobile days are marathon, replacing them with other more creative activities can be a good alternative that favors our goal. Some activities that work are walks to the library such as novelty, fun and educational crafts or elaborate fun cooking recipes.

Natural vitamins to start physical activity with energy: We may not have paid too much attention during the holidays to maintain a healthy diet and that we have consumed fewer fruits and vegetables than recommended. Now it’s time to start the day again with a rich breakfast with freshly squeezed natural orange juice and include vegetables and vegetables in the day’s dishes. Both the children of the house and ourselves will appreciate the supply of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that fruits and vegetables provide us.

We are sure that with these tips and a lot of vitamin C the beginning and back to school is overcome and to all!


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