Healthy Vending: Good for All

Healthy Vending: Good for All

That there is a trend towards health that is becoming more and more widespread, is a fact. We all have in mind that a correct diet brings many benefits to our organism, as well as the practice of sports or stopping unhealthy habits such as the consumption of alcohol or tobacco. These are messages that have spread throughout society and are increasingly relevant to the consumer when visiting one establishment or another.

It is already common to see places that incorporate this concept of healthy eating and, therefore, the vending machines that we find are filled with healthy food instead of less recommended products.

Zummo vending range

Zummo offers vending squeezers that become the perfect allies to bring the healthy eating style anywhere.

When we are in a waiting room or in a large public space, such as airports, we are used to find the typical snack and soft drink vending machines. Certainly they can save us when our organism says that it needs to eat some food, but now, with the juicers focused on vending, it is possible to give the same service, but offering a totally natural product to all the people who frequent these spaces of high concurrence. The concept of self-service is identical, the person makes the payment and selects the drink you want. But what happens in inside?

Exclusive squeezing system to obtain the purest flavoured juice

What makes Zummo machines different is the exclusive “Efficient Vertical System (EVS)” squeezing system.

The fruit is precisely cut into two halves which are squeezed out. In this way, the maximum profitability of each fruit is obtained, and the most natural flavour is achieved, because the peel is intact from the squeezing process and does not come into contact with the juice at any time.

A profitable business based on the 5 vending keys

Once the Zummo Vending machine is implanted, the investment in time is minimal, estimating a total of 30 working hours for every 100 services of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Income 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. For example, a hotel or hostel that installs a Zummo Vending machine will be able to offer the service of freshly squeezed juice without additional costs at any time and when your guest requires it.

The general costs of having a vending machine in the facilities is minimal, recovering the investment quickly and increasing the capital in a short period of time.

Juice is a product purchased on impulse and, as such, is appropriate in those establishments where the user is willing to consume all that is offered, even if there is no compelling need. A vending squeezer becomes a highly profitable business.

Vending is an increasingly demanded option due to low costs and high profitability. And if we consider the current healthy trends, it is better if they are healthy food and drink machines.

In short, if you manage a large space with large crowds of people, do not hesitate, contact us and we will inform you about our vending range.


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