Benefits of daily orange juice consuming

The vitamins that fruits give us are necessary in our day to day life. It seems like we have already mentalized that including fruits and vegetables in our daily menu provides multiple benefits for our body.

Orange in particular, is a powerful natural antioxidant with high content of vitamin C and low caloric intake, that´s why its daily consumption is very interesting from nutritional point of view.

Better if it is freshly squeezed.

It is a really healthy habit to start the day with a freshly squeezed orange juice. It allows us to consume fruits quickly and comfortably. Besides, as we have explained in our previous posts, squeezed fruits helps our digestive system not to get overloaded and assimilate better the nutrients that our body needs.

A glass of natural orange juice contains 50% of the daily vitamin C we need. Vitamin C contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and protects our cells from oxidation. Vitamin C continues in the juice even though you have squeezed it the night before so even if you are one of those who get up with the right time you can always leave it ready.

Orange juice contains a great variety of nutrients and helps us assimilate the beneficial nutrients of other fruits and vegetables.

One glass of juice to start the day gives energy and hydrates us, helping us to tackle the activities to perform during the day with more vitality and reducing fatigue.

A good option when it comes to snack

It is well known that in the afternoon we must decrease the calorie intake choosing low calorie foods, such as fruits. It is not always easy to take a piece of fruit with you, so a natural orange juice becomes a perfect, delicious and healthy alternative.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned above, drinking a glass of orange juice at snack time gives us necessary nutrition and moisturizing to finish the day with more energy.

Technology and innovation make it easier and easier

Now, with our juice machine, it is very easy to get a juice 100% natural and freshly squeezed. More and more supermarkets are introducing in their greengrocer section machines that allow users to buy delicious orange juice in a comfortable and simple way and besides with the tranquility of seeing how the juice goes directly from the orange to the bottle.

Do you want to know more about functioning of our juice machines? Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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